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Starting Fresh – Day 1

I just got back from an extended trip through Northern France, and so I thought I’d pick up this goal again. Can I keep my language skills solid on my own? The picture above is of Les Anneaux, a series … Continue reading

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My Life in France

I had a horrific excursion to IKEA the other week where I waited in line after line to select, pay for, and schedule a delivery of new furniture. Of course, I knew going into it that IKEA on a Saturday … Continue reading

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Happy Rosh Hashanah

I’m not Jewish, but I like the idea of a New Year beginning in September. Since I work as a college professor, I tend to think of time in terms of  the academic calendar – September-August. For me, Summers fluctuate … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

It’s weird to be back. I just returned from my summer adventure – a little over a month spent in Northern France, floundering along with my baby French. Actually, I did have my best conversations with kids. They got me. … Continue reading

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Lucky 13

In Thirteen days I will be in France! Yes, next Thursday I am taking off for the rest of the summer to study at the Universite de Technologie de Compiegne in Northern France. I’ll probably be ridiculously lonely and homesick after the … Continue reading

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Le Fromage: Gorgonzola

I am going to France! Yuppers. I leave July 26th, and come back August 25th. Happy birthday to me. I found this incredible deal on a Study Abroad through the CUNY system where the program and housing fee is only … Continue reading

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