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Flower Girl

These are Jumbo Asters. No, I didn’t get them from an adoring, thoughtful guy. I grew them! My miniscule plot in the Harlem Community Garden has produced sugar peas (enough for one large meal), asparagus, and bunches of these beautiful … Continue reading

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The Shoe Challenge: 21 Days

I have 21 pairs of shoes, not including my boots. Is that a lot? Several pairs are on the fritz and will go the way of the trash bin soon. But I’d love one more excuse to wear them, you … Continue reading

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They Grow Up So Quickly

I went to visit my little pots in the community garden today. No flowers yet. But look at my peas! They’re almost like real plants now. Wayne, the guy in charge of the garden, told me I’ll have to build … Continue reading

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The Commitment Pattern

Look at my little darlings! They’re coming up a week earlier than I expected! Are you familiar with the commitment pattern? Phase One: Care for and nurture a plant. If you can keep a houseplant alive for at least three … Continue reading

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Green Thumb

I’ve never had great luck with potted plants. The fickle things will last a week or two under my care, and then eventually kick the bucket. Perhaps this is due to my inconsistant watering schedule. It could be that the … Continue reading

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