Month in Review – Janurary

Museum Exhibits:

History of Magic @ the New-York Historical Society – Too bad this has closed. It was well-curated with historical artifacts and it surprisingly wasn’t creepy at all.


Second Act – the second worst movie I have seen in a loooong time. Too ridiculous.

On the Basis of Sex – Excellent! RBG is always inspiring, but Marty Ginsberg was the surprise hit of the show.

They Shall Not Grow Old – I don’t do well with violence, but this was tastefully handled. My favorite part was Peter Jackson’s amazingly candid talkback afterward.

The Upside – It was alright. It’s a remake of a French film that I absolutely adore (Les Intouchables), and it just didn’t measure up.


New York Times Travel Show – I go to this pretty much every year. One of the booths I stopped by during my first visit three years ago always sends me a free pass. This year I was mainly looking at Scandinavia. I feel like a Denmark/Norway/Sweden adventure with some Northern lights would be delightful.

Women Who Drone – My friend Brooke Mellen tipped me off to this one. I don’t own a drone, but these women were so passionate about their craft that I’m looking into it. Mainly for video/photography purposes.


Midnight’s Children – for my book club. First of all, it’s beautifully written. However, it was one of the most challenging pieces of literature I’ve ever tackled. It took me most of the month to finish it. There were lots of parts that were strange and hard to understand. I appreciate it, but I can’t say that I love, or even like it.

Mortal Engines quartet – I dipped into this YA series when I needed a break from Salman Rushdie. I was originally intrigued by the concept of these giant, mobile cities, but I finished the series mostly to see how things played out for the somewhat unusual protagonist. I wouldn’t re-read the books, but I mostly enjoyed them.


My Fair Lady – I wanted to see the set, which is a work of art. However, I ended up loving everything about this production. Go and see it!


The new semester has started, and I’m teaching seven classes at three different schools. I’m also taking a Television Studio Production class at a fourth school. NYC is overpopulated with colleges, but I can’t complain. It’s nice to have all my gigs within a 20-30 minute subway commute of each other.


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