30 Day NY Times Challenge

Dear Rebecca,

It’s a new year! Anything could happen. I know you’ve been reflecting on the past, and there are so many ways you want to grow and improve your life in 2019. Don’t get carried away. It’s so easy to start feeling overwhelmed and lose momentum. Remember that small actions add up over time to create the most lasting change. The first 30 days of the new year is when most people see their resolutions fizzle out. However, you have the New York Times challenge to keep you on track. I know you can do this! Here’s what you are working on:

Move: There are a few holiday pounds you’d like to shave off, of course, but the main reason you are stepping up your fitness is so that you’ll be in tip top shape to give Alicen a kidney this summer. Hopefully you can learn how to sneak exercise into a busy NYC single gal’s schedule.

Refresh: You’ve been battling work stress, family worries, and nursing a broken heart. It will be nice to clear your mind and replace anxiety with hope.

Connect: The compass and anchor of your life so far has been your relationships with your family and your friends that act as surrogate family in this big, lonely city. Don’t neglect these relationships! They sustain you.

Nourish: What feeds you? What gives you energy and strengthens you? What sets your creativity flowing? What brings you peace? This year I hope you will seek after these things.

I am excited for you to start this journey, and I look forward to seeing where it takes you.




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