Day 4: La Spécialiste de la Nature

IMG_0989.jpgIsn’t this little guy adorable? He’s a taxidermy bird on display in the Museum of Natural History in Nantes, France.   This year I’m heading back to summer camp to work with the little kiddos for 7 weeks. They’ve asked me to be the Nature Specialist this year, haha. I just downloaded a name-that-plant app for my phone, and I’ve been watching Youtube videos about clouds, bugs, and space. I’ll be working with 4 year olds up through 10 year olds, and my classroom is an actual garden. I’ll teach nature lessons, along with a weekly Young Scientists course where we do different experiments each day, and a Space Makers class where we’re going to build a large-scale model of the solar system and learn about the universe. I feel like that one might end up being my favorite. For my Daily French, I’ll be teaching a mini class to my friend Heather as we head to IKEA tonight. IKEA has actually become a pretty big thing in France! Getting ready for the big move next weekend. How on earth will I ever be ready??


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