Day 3: Warm Days, Cool Nights

IMG_1130.jpgThis is a super creamy, not too sweet French ice cream that was delightfully on sale at Whole Foods! Normally $7-$8, it was an irresistible $5. Mint Chip – my fave. One of the main differences between French and American ice cream is that it uses an eggy custard base. This adds to the creaminess, and makes it less likely to develop those crusty crystals ice cream gets when it’s in the freezer too long. I feel like the French version is a little heavier, but oh so good. I really should have stocked up on a bunch of pints, but I’m moving in 12 days. Eeek! A 1-bedroom apartment miraculously fell into my lap, and it was within my budget (although the outer range), and only 9 blocks away from where I’m living now. I’ll still get to be by Central Park, and on the 2/3 train.

On a French note, I took a free online proficiency test just to get sense of where I’m at so that I can measure my progress. It graded me as an Intermediate Learner, which I feel is pretty accurate. Still, I want to be in the Advanced group! I just need some more consistent practice.

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