Day 2: Fluent Forever


Anyone who is looking to acquire a new language should read this book! It’s a balanced approach to the science of language acquisition, and most efficient way to go about it. I’ve been studying French for years, but I’ve never focused on phonetics or checked my vocab against a frequency dictionary. Also, I haven’t been great about using images on flashcards when trying to memorize new words or phrases, but I’ll give it a go. It seems like a lot more work, but I already know that I’m a visual learner. Flash cards have been a way of life for me with many subjects, and I definitely agree with the author that the best way to memorize something is to attempt to recall it, rather than just going over and over it. This is why I believe in testing, even informal testing for practice. Sorry, students. 🙂

Okay, I need a goal for this project. After I finish my 21 Days, I’ll invite French speakers over for a game of Taboo en français! Long term, I want to be certified bilingual. According to the Wall Street Journal, this will make me smarter overall, and ward off dementia as I get older. Sweet. Everyone needs that.

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