So Long, Summer

IMG_4866I packed up my beach bag this morning and stashed it away in the closet for another year. School starts tomorrow, and it’s time to make room for more serious things. Still, I had a great summer! I kicked things off with a trip to Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Budapest. It was my first time in Central/Eastern Europe! I especially loved the mirror maze in Prague and the Museum of Music in Vienna. It was fun to explore the salt mine in Salzburg, and spending half a day at the bath house in Budapest was the right choice. I  pretty much subsisted on cheese, pretzel bread, chocolate and cherries, but it was a magical time.

IMG_5128I came right back and started a performing arts residency at St. John the Divine here in New York City. We took an imaginary trip around the world in a hot air balloon, and we explored different countries through song, dance, and creative drama. Then, I guided the children through an immersive theatre piece called The Mystery of the Missing Mummy. In our production, we received a notice that a mummy had gone missing from the Met Museum, and the kids went through an Egyptologist “certification” training so that we could hunt it down and return it. The mummy left us lots of clues to follow around the cathedral, and it was fun to watch the kids get into it. “We have to find him,” they said. “It’s up to us to protect the camp!” I’ve been exploring soundscape, and how music and sound effects can establish time, place, and mood for the audience. These are 5-8 year olds, so sometimes they would get a little freaked out. I have to reign it in for the kiddos. 🙂

IMG_5383My last trip of the summer was to Salem, Oregon to see the Great American Eclipse. I flew into Seattle, and drove down to Oregon with my family. We ended up camping on a Christmas tree farm, and watching the eclipse from there. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect – crystal clear skies. And pictures just don’t capture what the sun is really doing in totality. If you get a chance to experience it live, take it!!



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