Keep the Owl Happy

duolingo-owlDuoLingo is my daily French app. I log in 6 days a week, and spend maybe 5 minutes doing a set of French exercises. The app’s mascot is this bright green owl, and he’s only happy when you practice. You get sad emails with a crying owl if you skip a day. It’s more motivating than you’d think. No one wants a sad owl! A friend and I created a club in the app called “Les Petites Pidgeons” that is super popular. It pretty much filled up the minute we created it. We even kick people out of the club from time to time, if they don’t do any work, or they do SO many exercises duolingo2that no one can even touch them on the leaderboard. As soon as there is a spot open in our club, someone jumps on it. We never have an opening for more than a minute. Today was my first day back to the community college after Spring Break. I really enjoy teaching, but I’ll be honest – it was soooooo nice to have a break. I feel recharged and reset. Now, if only I could find something to eat besides marshmallow Peeps and chocolate bunnies… 😦

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