21 Days of French

I haven’t posted anything on here in forever. However, my semester is calming down a bit and I am ready to do another 21 Days project. When I was in college, I needed an extra Liberal Arts electIMG_0267ive, and I thought a language course would be useful. I toyed with the idea of a Spanish class, but the French textbook had a more interesting cover. After that first class I was pretty much hooked. I had a tough couple of years where I struggled with the guttural “r” and the liaison made it hard for me to understand native speakers. However, a study abroad in Northern France tipped the scale for me, and I now am pretty comfortable communicating in most french-speaking situations. I still struggle with advanced grammar, and my vocabulary is never big enough to share all my thoughts and feelings. Still, I can get by. For the next 21 days I will find a new way to practice and develop my communication skills in French each day. I’ll play around with different apps and websites, scope out websites, review books, music, movies, and find French cultural organizations in NYC. This will be a fun project before I take off to Eastern Europe for three weeks in May! I am sooooo excited to visit Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Budapest, and Berlin!!


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