Out with the old; in with the soup!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, but I’m going to try and be better in the coming year. Writing is good for me. Right now I’m on a break from teaching, while I gear up for the coming semester of nine classes at three different schools. It’ll keep me on my toes, which is why I’m taking advantage of lull. What am I doing with all my free time?

soup kale barley squashFor one thing – Making soup! Below is a chicken and barely soup with kale, butternut squash and red peppers. So healthy, eh? My Mom and I got matching soup cookbooks over Thanksgiving, and we’re going to spend the year making them. We send each other updates as we go along.  It’s kind of soothing to make soup. You chop things, you dice things, and then it all simmers for a looooooonnng time, filling the apartment with the most scrumptious smells. This year I want to make two new soups a month. You’d think this would save me money on my grocery bill, but no. New York City is one of those rare places where cooking at home can actually cost you more money than eating takeout. Whole Foods, you’re killing me!!


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