Manual Labor

Ant Hampton

I saw the craziest show last night. Well, “saw” is not quite the right word. When I first arrived to the venue I was dressed in a large, bright yellow construction worker’s vest with reflective stripes. I was also outfitted with headphones and an iPod that began playing a synthetic child’s voice giving me instructions. There were fifteen other people with me, and at times we were moving in sync, while at other times we were doing very different things. We were standing up, sitting down, raising our hands, drawing, shining lights, posting pictures, and occasionally interacting with one another.  I had no idea what kind of directions the other people were getting. Although it was weird to follow instructions without any idea of the big picture, it was also kind of relaxing. I didn’t have to worry about what was coming next, or how the performance was unfolding. Maybe I missed my true calling as a warehouse picker?

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