Hello, Sunshine!

Summer came, overnight somehow. The semester is winding down, and I’m getting ready for the teaching artist hustle to pick up a gig in the off-season. I had a good run this spring. I taught a new class – Basic Speech for Non-Native Speakers – where I got to use my TESOL Certification. I also was a presenter at BMCC’s Technology Day conference, and I was part of two paid, special training groups in Critical Thinking and Teaching Pedagogy. I have 9 & 1/4 pages written of a ten page French paper that is, unfortunately, due tomorrow. It was a tough class – Diderot – and I’m not the strongest student. Still, somehow I have been nominated for the Chair’s Award? How is that possible?? The ceremony is on Wednesday. I guess I’ll find out then. It’s a calm Sunday night, and I’m catching up on Downton Abby while painting my nails “Really Red.” Mom would approve. Why am I not on the phone with her right now? I mean, it is Mother’s Day. Well, I have seven brothers and two sisters to share talk-time with. I’m on the schedule for Tuesday. 🙂

Essie Really Red

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2 Responses to Hello, Sunshine!

  1. Congrats on the nomination! I would vote for you! Bonne chance!

    • Becky Jill says:

      Thanks, Caroline! It turned out to be kind of like a “most improved” award to encourage me to study abroad. Perhaps next summer in Paris? Could be a nice break… Hope all is going well with the final lap of your MBA degree!

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