The New York Times Cooking School – inspired by a snow day :)

School starts back up at CUNY tomorrow, and I’m excited to be working specifically with international students and second language learners this semester. I’ll have 50 minutes a week for each class to be in the Speech Lab, so I need to find online activities to keep them busy that are actually helpful. Otherwise, it’s going to be the longest 50 minutes ever.

Still, I don’t have to worry about any of that today. NYC is buried under a measly 7in of show (yes, Chicago is laughing), and we’ve cancelled school, most jobs, the subway service, etc. Pretty much everyone is bundled up in their homes and goofing off on the internet. I’ve even come up with a new project for this semester: The New York Times Cooking School! Every since my roommate pulled out her old Plated and Blue Apron recipes, I’ve been super jealous. I, too, want to learn to cook fancy things with new ingredients. Well, I can’t afford $70 a week to have new recipes and ingredients shipped to me each week. However, I’m going to steal the concept and pick a few recipes from each week to try out. The trick is to buy all the ingredients right away. That way I have to make the recipe before the stuff goes bad. This week I kicked it off with Savory Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Scones with Rosemary and Thyme. They smelled amazing, and were so tasty with butter and fig jam. I even had all the ingredients on hand, and I didn’t have to brave the blizzard. Success!

Savory Scones

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