Welcome 2015!

Last year was pretty great overall. I finished my MBA  and became TESOL certified, which may open up some career opportunities for me. I also moved from Spanish Harlem to the Upper East Side, and I took my sister on a trip to Paris. Over the summer I taught a Social Media Management class.  This was a new course for me, at a new school,  and it was a lot of fun to develop. Overall, I am pretty hopeful about 2015. New York City still feels like home to me, and I manage to eke out a living working in a field that I love. My gym fee is a measly $12 per month, and there is a pay-what-you-wish yoga studio on my subway line. My Hunter College student ID can get me into most Broadway shows for under $40. I have amazing friends who like to get out and do things and a family that loves me. Whatever the coming year brings, I am ready for it.


1. Visit every museum in NYC that offers a free day.

2. Finish my French degree.

3. Celebrate something every month.

4. Visit a place I’ve never been before.

Happy New Year

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