Funemployed June Update

I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to submit final grades for my research class before the 7:30am deadline. And yet my fashion college email has been eerily silent all day, which never happens. I even emailed all my students to let them know that grades were posted, and no one has yet written me to complain or make one last-ditch effort for some extra credit. I’m hoping this means I’ve become more transparent about how the grades are calculated.

In my downtime, I managed to pop up to the MoMa and check out the new Lydia Clark exhibit – The Abandonment of Art.

Lydia Clark MOMA


I also waited in line with some friends to snag free tickets to Shakespeare in the Park. Much Ado About Nothing is by far the most entertaining show I have seen at this venue. Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater as Beatrice and Benedict were hilarious, exuberant, and occasionally touching. This was an excellent production, and you can’t beat the price – free! To cap things off, I signed up for a French class in a level just out of my comfort zone that starts this week. Think Colorfully, eh?

shakespeare in the park


As for the job sitch, I’ve applied for three more jobs since my last update, bringing my total to 11. I have an interview tomorrow, and one on the 7th. I finally got my refund check from the IRS, which was an unlooked-for surprise. They told me not to expect it until October. Well, perhaps there’s hope for the US government?

I painted my nails a sunny yellow to finish off the month. June turned out to be fairly productive. Let’s see what I can squeeze out of July.

Yellow nails

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