Funemployed, Day 4


The nice thing about having a wide-open, flexible schedule is that I can jet out of town whenever I need/want to, and I just spent an unusually sunny weekend in Seattle watching my Dad march across the stage to receive is Masters degree. I am so proud of him! Three years ago this event seemed impossibly distant, and yet here we are.

Now that I’m back in town, it’s time to really get serious about finding summer work. This is not the only project on my plate. I’m still teaching the research class online, and it now looks like I’ll be moving to a new apartment on July 31st. Packing my crap and shlepping it around town is a total nightmare in NYC, but the location is soooooooooo much better from where I am at now. As much as I love living above a liquor store, with the Metro North train rattling outside my window every 7 minutes during rush hour, it’s time to move on.

If you haven’t guessed already, my color this month is yellow As a general rule, blonds don’t look good in yellow. It makes our hair look sallow. However, it’s such a cheerful color, and I could use a little cheer this summer. Surely I can make it work somehow…

Dress colorfully yellowJobs applied for today: 1. Total: 5.

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