Funemployed, Day 3

dress colorfully Since I’m only working part-time this summer I am finally getting back around to my Live Colorfully project based on the Kate Spade book set, The Guide to Living Colorfully that I got from my dear friend Siobhan. This month it’s Think Colorfully. It’s a plan for making a conscious decision to fill life with an enriching bouquet of film, music, art, and books. I’ll add a category: theatre! When I first moved to NYC, I joined This is one the most comprehensive theatre organization I’ve ever seen. Every now and then they send me ticket deals that are even better than student rush policies. My friend Tracy wanted to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder before the Tony’s came out, and we were able A Gentleman's guide to love and murderto score a deal for $45 tickets! Not bad, for a show with 10 Tony nominations. It’s a cute show, light and fluffy. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It’s not the kind of piece that moves you, but it was silly and fun. The costumes, however, were exquisite! I can see why it won this Tony. The show was essentially a period piece, but it was done with delightful  flare.  Jobs applied to today: 1. Total: 4.

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