Funemployed, Day 2

It’s amazing how fast the time goes by, even though I’m only working about an hour and a half each day. Of course, now I’m making time for things like exercise that I used to push to the side. A few weeks ago, Bryant Park kicked off their free yoga classes.


This year there’s an added bonus – Anyone who attends 12 sessions will get a $50 gift card to Athleta! Sweet. My friend Susanna and I go pretty much every week. We’ve totally got this covered. I can’t believe we get to take free yoga classes, AND we’re going to get free new yoga gear! This is the best summer ever. These classes began at the perfect time, because I’m starting to get a little pudgy. Why?


One major culprit is Trader Joe’s bacon cheddar. Yes, two of my favorite, excessively fattening foods (cheese and bacon) crammed together into one tasty snack. Recipe for disaster. Still, it cheers me up while I scour the internet for fun summer work. Jobs applied for today: 1. Total: 3.

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