Funemployed, Day 1

Okay, so I am technically employed. I’m teaching one online section of Research & Analysis at my fashion college. That takes up about an hour of my time each day. What to do with the remaining 23 hours? Well, there’s no excuse for not getting 8 hours of sleep. To be fair, I’m also enrolled in two MBA courses. Still, I am used to being waaaaaaay busier than this. I applied for two jobs today, and will keep saturating this town with my resume until something turns up. Normally I would have summer work lined up by now, but I got off to a late start applying to things because of a delightful and thoroughly worth-it trip to Paris with my sister Alicen and our two cousins. However, the race to land a summer gig has officially kicked off. In the meantime, I’ve got to find an excuse to get out of my non-airconditioned apartment. Thankfully, there’s always the New York Public Library!



Did you remember the movie, Ghostbusters? Then you’ll probably recognize the Rose Reading Room. This is one of those old fashioned libraries where you fill out a call slip and the library elves retrieve the books for you.


I love working here. Even if it’s a cloudy day outside, the blue sky painted on the ceiling brightens things up. I should be doing research for conference proposals or updating my CV, but it’s so easy to get distracted…



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