Bonjour Vietnam

Where can you find fantastic Vietnamese food? Paris, of course. No, not in France.

Paris Authentic Vietnamese

grilled beef vermicelliThere’s this delightful little restaurant in Chinatown that I discovered a few months ago where you can get the most tasty bowl of grilled beef vermicelli for $7. Large portion. Very filling. A friend of mine was getting acupuncture in the neighborhood, so we met up for dinner afterward. Best decision of the week. 🙂 Why is it called “Paris”? No idea. There’s nothing French about the place.


I’ve actually been in Chinatown all weekend, as Saturday night I met up with a group of long lost friends for our annual (belated) celebration of the Chinese New Year at Congee Village. It was good to see everyone again! If only we could have capped the night off with a round of Mah Jong. I was never very good at it, but I love playing with the tiles. Thankfully, we don’t play for money. The winner just gets bragging rights. My fashion school is on Spring break this coming week, which is fantastic as I have two exams and a major assignment due for the classes I’m taking. I need some time to regroup and catch up on everything. Perhaps I’ll even make it to the gym? A girl can dream…

Welcome to Chinatown

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1 Response to Bonjour Vietnam

  1. Trí says:

    HI, I am Vietnamese and it is so happy to see a Vietnamese food was tasted in another country. When I do my start up with natural honey, I saw a lot of foreigner and they told me that It was hard to find a Vietnamese food in their hometown.

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