Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year is a fantastic opportunity to regroup on January’s broken resolutions. This year I did both the Manhattan celebration, and the parade in Queens the week after. Surprisingly (to a Manhattanite), the Queens celebration was a MUCH bigger deal. Wow. And where else can you get an hour-long massage for $30? It turns out Flushing has so much more to offer than an annual tennis excursion.

Chinese New Year

So, it’s time for a check-in. I’m taking five French literature classes this semester, on top of my normal teaching load. My weekdays start at 5:30am, and I try to be in bed by midnight. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to cram into a single day in order to survive the days that follow. However, Louis Vuitton has this great blog – Nowness. I love that concept. What am I doing right now? Now is okay. It’s doable. Looking forward, or even backward, through time can be super stressful. If I can just concentrate on what I need to make happen in this moment, I can deal with that. There’s so much I want to accomplish this year, but for once I’m going to leave the big picture alone and, instead, focus on what I can do with this day.



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