Just a Girl You Met Once

once paul nolan joanna christieI have tried to rush Once three times. Yes, I have stood out in the rain and the snow on three seperate occasions, each time with a friend in tow who believed the reward for this suffering would be a $40 orchestra seat to the hottest show on Broadway. Alas, no dice. Once fans are the real deal. They probably sleep outside the theatre. No weather is too hot or too cold or rainy, snowy, slushy, etc. After my third attempt, where I was at the theatre by 7:30am on a rainy Friday, I realized it probably wasn’t going to happen for me. And then – Broadway 2-For-1 Week coincided with a snow day at my fashion college (that school closes at the first sign of a flurry, probably because they don’t want the students slipping in their sky-high heels) and I found myself in the Mezzanine of the Bernard B. Jacobs theatre awaiting the start of a matinee performance. Miracles do happen.


The new cast is phenomenal. I’m biased, but I feel like its even stronger than the B’Way original (I did cheat and see clips of the performance online). It’s an interesting story, because it’s not a traditional boy-meets-girl, struggles ensure, love triumphs all. It’s more the story of how easy it is to give up on something when it doesn’t appear to be working out, and yet if you can hang on for just a bit longer the payoff is right there – and it’s everything you hoped it would be. It’s also the story of how you can have faith in other people until they develop faith in themselves, and how powerful that faith can be. I loved this show!

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