Ready Or Not

A new semester starts up again this week. Although I will miss the leisurely lunches, the reading, the movies, the impromptu meet-ups with friends and the chance to do whatever I feel like – or nothing at all – from the break, there’s nothing like a new semester to to help me feel productive and squeeze the most out of every day. Thankfully, I love my job. I’m excited to get back into the classroom. It will mean waking up at 5:30am, and trying my best to eek out 6-ish hours of sleep. Oy. I don’t love that part. Still, starting this week I will have 118 young people in my life who will both inspire me and frustrate me, and who will push me to give more than I thought I had in me. I look forward to that.

ice skating bryant park

Thankfully, my fashion college is located very near Bryant Park, where I’ve been ice skating (for free!) as part of my plan to Live Well  with Less in 2014. My ice skates cost me $30 on sale at one of those discount sporting goods stores. I bought them when I was an undergrad and have taken full advantage off all the free rinks in both Chicago and NYC ever since. Although ice skating is free at Bryant Park, skate rental costs $18. The skates pretty muck pay for themselves after a couple uses. Sweet deal, eh?


Okay, so this a little bit silly, but I’ve decided to revisit Disney this year. You know, all those sappy cartoons from childhood? My all time favorite Disney cartoon is called the Rescuers. The 1970s watercolor animation is stunning. Penny, the little orphan girl, breaks my heart every time. She sends out a message in a bottle when she is kidnapped by Madame Medusa (the most horribly awesome Disney villain ever), and the mouse version of the United Nations responds to rescue her. Bianca and Bernard (yes, I love alliteration) are the mice assigned to the case. Bianca is adorable, and Bernard has triskaidekaphobia, which is also kind of adorable. I know these  films are for kids, but I’m a hopeless sap at heart and this was the perfect way to wind down on a Sunday evening.

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