Ring Out the Old, Ring In the New

Hello 2014!

I haven’t had much action on here since September, mostly because my last semester was INSANE. I taught nine college classes, and took two graduate and one undergraduate course. I could have survived the teaching just fine without the classes, and the classes would have been a cakewalk without the teaching. Together, it was a superstorm. Still, now we’re facing a new year!


I’m excited for 2014. Anything could happen. This year I hope to:

  1. Finish my MBA in Fashion and 2nd BA in French
  2. Visit a place I’ve never been
  3. Present at two conferences
  4. Make a new friend
  5. Celebrate something every month
  6. Live well with less
  7. Stay up to date with friends and family
  8. Host a party
  9. Kick the sugar addiction
  10. Learn to trust

I’m ready for some changes in my life, but I can’t go any place new until I finish my degrees. Even though the MBA is free, and I’m paying cash for the French degree, I’ve invested a great deal of time in both programs. I want to see that investment pay off. So, I’m stuck here for now. Since I can’t change my situation, I guess I’ll have to change myself. 2014, come on in. I’m ready for you!

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