Digging for Gold

What a whirlwind of a summer it has been. A new apartment, a Moroccan adventure, then sailing up the coast of Washington, and finally a stint at Columbia University. My suitcases are now packed away, and I am gearing up for another semester of school. I have a ridiculous amount of email that I will attempt to work through tomorrow morning. My syllabi are printed, and I am mentally preparing my opening remarks. Of course, since I mainly teach at fashion schools, I am also waiting for my nails to dry. After all, it’s important to start the semester off on the right note. 

sephora gold diggerI’m going with “Gold Digger” by Sephora to kick off the semester. This is not, as you can imagine, because I have hopes of striking it rich as an adjunct professor. Nor do I expect an independently wealthy colleague to come sweep me off my feet. No, I am looking for a different kind of gold. Among the 150 odd names on my various rosters this semester, I am hoping to ferret out those students who make teaching worthwhile. I am seeking the ones who inspire me, the ones who challenge me to become better, and most of all the ones who surprise me. Those are often the most fun.

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