Spring Cleaning My “Meals”

Now that we are officially a month into Spring, it’s time to start sorting through and clearing out the pieces of my life. I was sick awhile back, and am slowly reclaiming my energy and my voice. One would think that being ill would motivate me to eat healthier; however, because I wasn’t feeling well I mostly ate out. And by eating out, I mean Subway. And by Subway, I mean three cookies for $1.59. Cheap, yes. Nutrition = fail. Clearly, it’s time to regroup and get my act together. The thing is, like most New Yorkers I eat most of my meals on the go. I leave my home early, and I get home late. It’s not exactly conducive to preparing and devouring three square meals and a snack. Still, I want to do better. I’m not a child anymore. It’s time I stopped eating like one.

So: The Challenge – for the next 21 days I’m going to have at least one fruit and one vegetable a day. Okay, I realize this sounds like teeny, baby steps, but I’m hoping to occasionally reach for an apple to satisfy my cookie cravings. Or perhaps a side salad instead of french fries. Is this possible? Can cravings be reprogrammed? We shall see. I’m not going crazy. I don’t want to cut out sugar/fat/meat/joy from my diet. I just want to offset some of the corruption with something of value.

KalecantaloupeToday I had kale and cantaloupe. The cantaloupe was probably a bad idea, because I have a mild allergy to watermelon. I am potentially sensitive to the entire melon family. Still, I didn’t eat the whole thing. No hives yet. It’s horrible, but being allergic to something makes me want it twice as much. If I know something is bad for me, I just have to have it. Sort of metaphorical for my love life, eh? 🙂 What is wrong with me? Why can’t I swoon over broccoli the way I do over chocolate mousse?


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