Weekend Delights

Well, I am one week into the new semester. The first week is always a lot of fun – community building exercises and generating enthusiasm for the topic. Now we’re jumping in to actual work. The ol’ bait and switch. Still, it doesn’t get really intense until about mid semester. I still have time for non-work related things that I love, such as:


Theatre! I just saw Picnic at the American Airlines Theatre on Broadway. Although I don’t really like dark things, this play is an exception. The characters seem to be almost caricatures, but hide a surprising complexity that ebbs close to the surface without quite breaking. It’s beautiful, and in a way, timeless. The set was also gorgeous, and the American Airlines theatre is small enough that even the nosebleed seats (where I sit) provide a degree of intimacy. Through the awesome HipTix program, we got tickets for $22! Kind of a miracle. I haven’t been to a show in awhile, so I celebrated with:

sephora nail polish gold digger

Shimmery golden nails. I got this Sephora nail polish as a Christmas gift, and it’s unfortunately titled: Gold Digger. Still, it’s shiny and it doesn’t show chips much. Maybe that’s the gold digger aspect – always put a pleasant face forward, even when you’re falling apart.

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