Hit Me With Your Best Shot

School starts back up again tomorrow! I am so excited. I’m teaching wonderful classes, with a lot of returning students. I’m also taking a couple of French classes at Hunter College, and continuing on with my MBA in Fashion. I’ll begin at the fashion college on Monday for a course in Professional Communication. My syllabus is printed, my roster is ready, my lecture notes are uploaded on Blackboard, and now all I have to do is get some sleep. Impossible. I can never get any rest on the night before the start of a new semester. I’m not sure why. It can’t be nerves – I’ve been doing this for so long. Maybe it’s anticipation? I just painted my nails a lovely teal shade called “Internationally Known.”

internationally known nail polish

How appropriate, eh? Considering my recent travel endeavors. Earlier this evening, I caught up with the latest Downton Abby accompanied by a snack of  the most glorious invention ever – Chocolate Cheerios!

Chocolate Cheerios

How have I only just discovered these? Such a lovely treat, and you don’t feel guilty ’cause it’s multi-grain and vitamin fortified. Okay, spring semester, I’m ready for you.

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