‘Tis the Season

Christmas Tree HarlemChristmas is coming! Don’t worry, I’m prepared. I already have a tree. Not one of those fake, scratchy plastic ones from Rite Aid, noooooo. I have a real, live, delicious-smelling pine tree in my living room. Well, actually in my only room as I live in a studio. And it’s not a large studio, so the tree is small, possibly even smaller than last year’s. Still, last year I coughed up $50 for a three and a half footer. This sweet beauty only cost me $20! Welcome to Harlem. I’m never shopping for trees downtown again. I’m from Seattle, so a live tree is a necessity. However, back home, these are super cheap. I never dreamed I’d one day pay $50+ for a tree so small I can carry it home. Such is the city life, eh?

To ensure that I put on the requisite holiday 15, my friend Malia held a hot chocolate party tonight to kick off the Christmas season. I have never had so much candy dissolved in a cup of hot chocolate. It was heaven, but now my teeth feel like they’re melting. Bah humbug.

hot chocolate bar

To offset the sugar, my friend Sarah & I met up for Indian food at this totally blinged out place called Milon. It was cheap, tasty, and filled with Christmas cheer – which is not something I usually associate with India, but I’ll take it 🙂

Indian Restaurant Milon

Milon Indian Restaurant



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