So Much To Be Thankful For…

I just got back from a short, yet delightful trip to visit my family in Seattle for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful 72 hours, and worth every penny to bake turkey cookies with my nieces, see Dan’s awesome new car, meet Stephen’s new fiancé, peruse the Black Friday ads with Rachel, share an eggnog shake with my Dad, hit the sales with my Mom, hear about Sue’s lunch lady adventures, wish Aaron luck at his interview, catch up with Mike’s new life plan, witness Dave and Monica’s little peanut, hug James and Shawn, and Skype with Alicen and Ben. Not to mention a fabulous turkey dinner – priceless, eh?

Turkey is delicious, and even more so because we only have it twice a year. To make the most of the opportunity, I indulged in a little pre-Thanksgiving teaser. First, there was the Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich at Cosi. It tastes exactly like legit Thanksgiving leftovers.

cosi turkey and stuffing sandwich

This being New York, I also tried the more hipster version: the Thanksgiving Croissant at Momofuku. It had celery salt worked into the pastry, and inside it was filled with turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. The flavors were really intense, but it didn’t make me miss my Mom’s cooking the way the Cosi sandwich did.

Thanksgiving Croissant Momofuku

This year I am grateful for:

1. My huge, awesome family. All them.

2. A Heavenly Father who hears my prayers.

3. A warm, safe, dry home with electricity that works.

4. Wonderful friends, who are also my family.

5. My job – it drives me crazy, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.

6. The New York Public Library – my second home.

7. Planet Fitness and Yoga to the People – both keep me fit and preserve my sanity.

8. Trader Joe’s – for helping me to shop like a pauper, but eat like a king.

9. A subway stop very near my apartment.

10. Hunter College – for sending me on an unforgettable trip to France this summer.

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