apartment tribeca sandyIt’s been a bit crazy here in NYC over the last week. I’m incredibly lucky, in that I live uptown in a somewhat sheltered neighborhood. When Hurricane Sandy blew through, I lost power for, maybe, five minutes. Many are still in shelters, waiting to see what is left of their homes. Others are without heat, hot water, or electricity. When I think of that poor woman whose children were swept away in the storm surge as she struggled to hold on to them, it’s hard to imagine how  we will ever move forward. It was fortunate that there were so few lives lost, but each death is a personal and lasting tragedy to those who mourn their loved ones.

In spite of the chaos, tomorrow I head back to work. We’re going to try and resolve the semester with patience and flexibility, while still maintaining the integrity of the coursework. Since I’m taking MBA classes up at the Graduate Center this semester, I totally identify with the students and their occasional need for mercy. We are feeling the burn with our coursework upstairs. One of my instructors has extended deadlines and offered to move things around. There other – is heartless. Seriously. I’m going to be a sleep-deprived, cranky bunny by Thursday, and I have him to thank for it. Grrrrr.

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