Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe…

I’m what’s known as an Independent voter. I’m not affiliated with a particular party, as I haven’t found one I can wholeheartedly commit to (sort of sounds like my dating life, eh?). This means I can’t vote in the primaries, which is kind of lame. However, it’s not like my vote really matters in NYC – a VERY blue state. Plus, I live in Harlem. Obama is our man.

I went to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem to watch the last presidential debate. It was insane! The debate was broadcast live on a huge screen, and the audience was not shy about giving feedback to the candidates (“Hello, they can’t actually hear you!”). I don’t have to tell you who the favorite was. In fact, I didn’t hear much of Romney. In spite of the stellar sound system, all I heard when Romney got up to speak was, “Liar!” and “Oh no, he did NOT just say that!” Things of that nature. It wasn’t the most un-biased atmosphere, but it was a lot of fun.

I figured, as election day is approaching, I would do a week of blue to balance out the red. I pretty much know who I’m voting for, but as a true independent I’m waiting for the debates this Tuesday before I lock in my decision. May the best man win!

Kate Spade Live Colorfully Blue

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