Elle M’a Dit

I woke up this morning to the clunking and hissing of my radiator springing back to life after hibernating all summer. Yup – it’s cold out. However, inside my little apartment things are toasty warm. My mom taught me this awesome trick of boiling a pan water on the stove with a few cinnamon sticks thrown in. This helps increase the humidity, warms up the place, and makes the entire home small like apple pie. Mmmmm.

My Mom also taught me this amazing trick of saving the bones whenever I make a roast chicken. That sounds weird, but if you put the chicken carcass in a pot and fill it with water so that the bones are just covered, and if you boil this whole mess for 2-3 hours – you will have the most delicious chicken broth imaginable. Plus, it’s so good for you! Whole Foods had these pre-seasoned rosemary lemon roasting chickens on sale yesterday, so I scooped one up. Today the meat, tomorrow the soup. It’s such a great deal! Thank you, Mom.

I had fun with my week of red. It actually made it easier to decide what to wear. People thought I had been getting more sleep (untrue!), or that I had cut my hair or lost weight or something. It turns out that red makes me look a little more alive. And who knew I had so much red hidden away in my wardrobe to play with? In these tough economic times, the only shopping I should really be doing is within my own closet. 


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