Another Thank You to the Man Upstairs

Miracle! That’s the title of the 2004 film about the 1980 Winter Olympics where US hockey team beat the Russians for the gold medal. Yes, I own and love this film. However, today I am using “miracle” in reference to a small patch of warmish, sunny weather that came OUT OF NOWHERE. My Theatre Essentials class was supposed to have a walking tour of Broadway this afternoon, but when I woke up this morning it was cold and rainy out. Boo! Quel désastre! I really was not prepared to reschedule this. With a prayer in my heart, I avoided sending out that cancellation email as long as possible. Class wasn’t until 2:30pm, and I figured anything could happen. Enter the sun! Just in the nick of time. We couldn’t have had better conditions for our tour. Somebody up there is keeping an eye on me :-).

red sweaterToday was day three of red. Let’s see how long I can keep this up. My old roommate gave me this sweater for Christmas a few years back. It’s toasty, without being hot, and fits like a glove. I had to be up at the crack of dawn this morning, and bright colors help make me look a little more awake. I still have a million papers to grade. Ugh. Maybe it will rain Saturday. There’s nothing like a blustery day to make you want to snuggle up to a cup of hot chocolate and a stack of research paper outlines. Fun, eh? 

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