Plus de Rouge

Park Ave FlowersI am taking the most delightful French conversation course this Fall. C’est très fun! The instructor is very laid back, heureusement, because I arrive 20-30 minutes late for every class. Yup. I finish teaching at 5:50pm, and this class STARTS at 5:45pm. Still, I get in at least an hour’s worth of class. C’est suffisant, especially after a long day. It’s kind of turned into a potluck. We have a smorgasbord of snacks and wine, and constantly crack up our teacher with our “creative” baby French. I walk up Park Avenue to get there, which I love. The street islands are updated seasonally with beautiful flowers, trees and shrubbery. Hooray for urban gardens!

I had my 2nd day of red with a satin blouse. It’s a little dressy, but I was teaching at the fashion school. Some of my girls thought we had off for Columbus Day. Rather than check the school’s academic calendar or their course syllabus, they closed their eyes and went back to bed on sheer hope. Not faith, mind you. That’s hope for things which are true.

Red satin blouse


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