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Eeeny Meeny Miney Moe…

I’m what’s known as an Independent voter. I’m not affiliated with a particular party, as I haven’t found one I can wholeheartedly commit to (sort of sounds like my dating life, eh?). This means I can’t vote in the primaries, … Continue reading

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Elle M’a Dit

I woke up this morning to the clunking and hissing of my radiator springing back to life after hibernating all summer. Yup – it’s cold out. However, inside my little apartment things are toasty warm. My mom taught me this … Continue reading

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Another Thank You to the Man Upstairs

Miracle! That’s the title of the 2004 film about the 1980 Winter Olympics where US hockey team beat the Russians for the gold medal. Yes, I own and love this film. However, today I am using “miracle” in reference to … Continue reading

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Plus de Rouge

I am taking the most delightful French conversation course this Fall. C’est très fun! The instructor is very laid back, heureusement, because I arrive 20-30 minutes late for every class. Yup. I finish teaching at 5:50pm, and this class STARTS … Continue reading

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Firing Up

It’s autumn time, and the leaves are starting to change from green to yellow to orange to red. Red is a powerful, fiery color. I could use some fire in my life this month to keep the momentum going. September … Continue reading

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