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Dress Colorfully

New Yorkers love their black. It’s elegant, slimming, and it goes with everything. It also can signify that one is is mourning. What I am I grieving for? October is going to be my month of color. How can I … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Your Afro

I really enjoy my work at the community college. It’s a different crowd than the fashion students, but I feel like most of the people in my room are there because they want to be there. They are ready to … Continue reading

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Happy Rosh Hashanah

I’m not Jewish, but I like the idea of a New Year beginning in September. Since I work as a college professor, I tend to think of time in terms of  the academic calendar – September-August. For me, Summers fluctuate … Continue reading

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Welcome Home

It’s weird to be back. I just returned from my summer adventure – a little over a month spent in Northern France, floundering along with my baby French. Actually, I did have my best conversations with kids. They got me. … Continue reading

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