Manual Labor

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I am working! No, I didn’t pick up an amazing, last-minute summer class. I was hired as a temporary receptionist by the Jockey Club. Horses, not underwear. I saw the ad on Craigslist for a part-time position, 4 days a week, 8:30-4:30pm, for 4-6 weeks, and I applied for it like I usually do, not expecting any response back. I couldn’t believe they chose me, as they had about five hundred applicants. They said they were intrigued by my cover letter. I was pretty straight forward, and wrote about how I was an adjunct professor looking for summer work to fund a trip to France. I might not have typical receptionist skills, but I’m smart and I learn quickly. Bless their hearts for taking a chance on me! And a special thanks to William for the glowing recommendation.


I really did need to find work, or I was set to be one broke bunny in France. The pay is not fantastic, but it’s pay none the less. The work is light, and I have plenty of time to develop my fall syllabi and review French verbs. The people I work for are super nice, which is great – as my first day I was kind of a disaster at the phone and transferred calls every which way. This poor guy from Mexico had to call back four times! On the fourth attempt I was all, “I promise you, I’ve finally figured it out…” and thankfully it went through. C’est la vie. I kept reminding myself that every hour I spend there is another meal I get to have on my trip. I have a book of 500 sets of French exercises that I’ve been bringing with me to work. My goal is to finish them all before I leave. Thus far I’ve worked two days and only completed 14 exercises. Start small, but finish big!

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