Welcome, Summer!

I taught my last class at LIM College for the semester, and I only have two weeks left at my other schools. Yet what really heralds the arrival of summer is the opening outdoor yoga class at Bryant Park.

bryant park yoga

Bryant Park is my home away from home in the summers. They have everything a person could possibly be interested it: yoga, fencing lessons, language classes, knitting groups, an outdoor reading room with popular novels and magazines, movie screenings, and more – all on a beautiful lawn surrounded by a shelter of large trees.  Plus, this awesome programing is FREE!

Summer can be a teeny bit stressful, as I scramble for temporary employment to get me through until the Fall semester starts up again. When get I discouraged, sitting in my overheated apartment feeling sorry for myself, Bryant Park can pull me out of a funk. It fills my schedule with such interesting things. When I don’t have funds to blow on entertainment, I come here. When I don’t have work lined up during the day, I come here. Bryant Park is my oasis, and I would never make it through the summer without its reinvigorating powers.

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