Le Fromage: Gorgonzola


I am going to France! Yuppers. I leave July 26th, and come back August 25th. Happy birthday to me. I found this incredible deal on a Study Abroad through the CUNY system where the program and housing fee is only $650. Crazy, eh? If I sublet my apartment I’ll make money. I’ll be studying at a university in Compeigne, a town about 50 minutes north of Paris. August is the perfect time to be gone, because it’s traditionally such a dead month for me. I have a hard time finding temp work, I spend a ridiculous amount of money on A/C, and everyone I know is out of town. Well, now I’ll be out of town. Hooray! Of course, there  are some disadvantages to flying back the weekend before school starts. I need my syllabi printed and course materials all ready to go by the end of July. I can do it!

To celebrate, I thought a stinky blue cheese was in order. Gorgonzola is gooey, salty, and delish on bread or in salad. I like it in small little bits, which means a chunk this size lasts a long time.

I’ll be a broke little bunny in France. The Study Abroad program recommends that we bring $750 USD with us for food. For one month? Are they insane?? More like $200. I’m going to live off bread, cheese, and chocolate, which sounds perfectly delightful.

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