Reasons to be Sleeping

ImageI was down in Chelsea a couple weekends ago to see the Yinka Shonibare show. I love his work. He does such interesting things with textiles. I have a “Sleep of Reason” print from the cover of Art in America on my wall. His current exhibit is really dark, yet still colorful and theatrical. He also had a video playing in the back room of the gallery, depicting a short scene from an opera with the characters in his costumes.

I took a bit of a nap today, which is why I’m not sleeping now. Grrrr. In less than six hours I need to be up and in the shower. Naps can be absolutely delicious, especially on a cold, damp Sunday. Still, you know what else is delicious? Eight hours of sleep. Which I’m not going to get. I have found, through trial and error, that I need at least four hours of sleep a night to be functional, and a minimum of five hours to be coherently functional. If I have less than five hours sleep for three nights in a row, I have trouble with basic tasks such as spelling my own name correctly. And they trust me to educate our nation’s youth…

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