More Than I Can Chew…

Crumbs Party Mix Cupcake Whew. I feel like I have been two steps behind for the past couple of weeks, always rushing to catch up and never quite getting there. I am technically teaching nine classes this semester, although my Saturday morning gig is a cake walk. It’s supposed to start at 9am, but no one really shows up until 9:15. The students aren’t receiving grades for this course; it’s more to reinforce what they’re learning in their other classes. This means the atmosphere is a lot more lax. It took me awhile to adjust, as I am used to running a tight ship, but now I keep things chill and we play a lot of games. No need to torture them – or me, for that matter – in a voluntary, early morning weekend class.

In addition to my regular teaching load this week, I ran a couple Study Skills workshops and baked 3 dozen cookies for a student event. By midweek I was feeling a bit droopy, but a quick trip to Crumbs gave me the boost I needed to power through. So much for my plan to go off sugar, eh? However, this cupcake was AMAZING! I went with “Party Mix,” which is chocolate cake with chocolate filling and has Chex Party Mix blended into the frosting on top, drizzled with extra chocolate and caramel. Mmmm. Heaven. Bring on those Social Issue Essays, I’m ready for them.

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