Swiss Raclette

French Raclette

I’ve been swamped under a mountain of work getting ready to face the young people again on Monday; however, I’m excited about some upcoming changes in my courses, including a blogging assignment for my Research & Analysis class. I just loaded all the students’ info into my awesome new attendance app that is going to change my life.

As a special treat, I went over to the Amish Market for lunch and picked up a wedge of cheese. I only had a couple bucks on me, so I had to get the smallest piece I could find. I ended up with a slice of Swiss Raclette. In French, the verb “racler” means “to scrape clean,” or “to scrape off”. Back in the day, people would keep a big round of this cheese right by the fire, and they’d scrape off the top part as it melted and spread it on vegetables and bread. There isn’t  a good fire pit at my fashion college, so I just I cut my cheese into chunks and ate it with a rosemary-infused Italian flatbread. It was semi-hard, with a mild flavor and just a bit of a bite. Loved this!

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