Juice Cleanse: Day 3

Well, it was kind of a bust. I’m back to eating regular food, but I don’t feel better or worse than when I was strictly consuming juice. It felt weird to chew at first, as it has been a few days since I’ve done that. Also, I missed all the different flavors and textures of solid food, and I’ll be happy not to have another glass of juice again for awhile. I guess fad diets don’t work on me. Kind of a bummer. Still, this showed me that I have more self control than I thought. Starting Monday, I’m going to do 21 Days without treats (fruit doesn’t count), just to see if I can. My sweet tooth gets out of control from time to time, and I’d love to nip that in the bud. My dentist should be pleased to hear. I’m heading up to a Season II premier party for Downton Abby tonight. Do you enjoy Austen or Brönte? You would love this show.

Downton Abby

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