Juice Cleanse: Day 1

Juice Cleanse

Happy New Year! Good things are on the horizon. Over the holidays, my brother Aaron inspired me to try out a juice cleanse. You go for three days without eating, and you just drink juice. Aaron only lasted two days, but I’m sure I can handle the full three. I can’t believe how little juice it takes to feel full. I only drank a third of the carrot juice, which is good, because it turns out you can die from too muck vitamin A in your system.  One 8oz glass of carrot juice has 750% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A. Who knew health food could be deadly? I had a lot of energy, without consuming hardly any calories. It was totally weird. I wanted food, but not because I was hungry. I just missed the taste of it.  I still don’t feel fantastic, but it’s only Day One. Oh, and I did yoga at home today, because it was too cold to go out to the studio. Here’s to a healthier (but wimpier) Becky in 2012!

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