SantapplauseI wrote a Christmas play! My friend Amy Jensen organized a performance with her friend Nathan Christensen and me. She called it, “Santapplause,” as all three of our pieces related in some way to Christmas. Nathan has a Masters degree from NYU in Musical Theatre Writing, and is a professional playwright and lyricist. Amy is a freelance dramaturg, and works with several well-known companies. She did a Fulbright in Denmark working with children’s theatre. I was definitely the hobbyist of the group. I wrote my play in one afternoon. It was about twenty pages, with four short scenes. Sort of an amalgamation of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and Sedaris’s “Dinah the Christmas Whore,” with a smattering of the Nativity. Hearing the actors bring it to life was SO INCREDIBLY COOL! Okay, first goal for the new year – 12 months =12 plays. There have to be contests or something I can enter to keep myself motivated to write. Or maybe I could get some actor friends together for a table reading, just to hear how it sounds? That’s an idea…

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