Free Time!

Sweet potato soup

It was a stressful week wrapping up my classes at the fashion college and turning in final grades. I made this simple, super healthy soup to get me through lunches without having to splurge on takeout. I just pealed the potatoes and put them in the crockpot overnight with garlic and spices. In the morning, I popped them in the blender, and added broth to thin it out. Then I poured it in containers and it was ready to pack along for lunch.

Now that the Fall semester has ended for the fashion college, I have five free hours Mon-Thurs mornings. I’m going to try to find a temporary, part-time job. If that doesn’t pan out, I will still make good use of my time. How?

  • Ice Skating: I own skates, and there’s a beautiful free rink in Bryant Park that opens at 8am during the week. Practically no one is on the ice in the wee hours of the morning. I plan to learn to skate backwards.
  • Yoga to the People: This is pay what you wish. As I am only semi-employed, I wish to pay very little. Perhaps I will finally fold into a King Pigeon pose?
  • French lab hours: Only ten hours in the first part of December will be counted. I will need every one of these to reach the minimum requirement for my French class.
  • Playwriting: I’m going to write a Thanksgiving musical for my family this year. Maybe a New Years play as well, if I’m feeling ambitious.

I’m not flying home until Christmas Day this year, so I’ll also get to enjoy the NYC holiday festivities. Messiah Sing-a-longs, the Nutcracker, movies, hot chocolate, store windows, tree lightings and more. Maybe some snow? A girl can hope.

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