Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde BroadwayI hate guns, and I can’t stomach violence, even when I know it’s just an illusion and no one is really getting hurt. I wanted to like Bonnie & Clyde, now playing on Broadway. The acting is strong, and the vocals are superb, although a few of the songs are rather trite. This would have made a compelling play. The music and dancing feels superfluous at times. I appreciated how we saw the duality of Clyde’s nature: a devoted son, loyal brother, and caring lover contrasted with a thief and a killer. The backstory about Clyde’s stint in prison, and how he “…entered a schoolboy and came out a rattlesnake,” was moving.  Are prison guards really such sadists? People forget that criminal justice should also uphold an offender’s constitutional rights. Although it was well done, this was a musical, so I wasn’t prepared for the brutality. Silly of me, I realize, considering the subject. I fell asleep with my bedside lamp on the night I saw the show. Too many disturbing images for me to be comfortable in the dark…

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