Live Today. Tomorrow Will Cost More. -Pan Am

iphone 4I’m not exactly an early adopter. I need to stick a big toe in the water and wiggle it around some before jumping into the pool. Thus, I only recently upgraded to a smart phone from my no-frills-just-calls’n’texts model. I clearly survived without apps or being able to access the internet on the go for the past 30+ years. How did I manage? No idea. My life can now be divided in two chapters: Before iPhone, and After iPhone. This is the dawn of a new era.

Pan-Am-TV-ShowSpeaking of eras, I discovered the most amazing show this week. Previously, I was a Mad Men girl. I haven’t yet entirely hopped that ship, but I have found something I love even more: Pan Am! Like Mad Men, it’s a period piece and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful. Unlike Mad Men, I wouldn’t be embarrassed if my little brother wanted to sit down and watch it with me. The plot is less scandalous, and the women are strong characters who eschew conventional roles in search of adventure. I like these gals. I can relate to them. An added bonus – ABC lets you watch this online. Hooray! Winter, bring your ugliest cold, wet nights. I’m ready for you.

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